Back to School Guide

Welcome to your Ultimate Back to School Guide!   I know, right?!  Didn’t school just let out for summer?  It feels as if we are just starting to get into a nice summer routine here.  My daughter goes back to school at the end of August, so it is time to start preparing!  Let me know what your family does to get ready for back to school.

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Set a Budget & Clean Out Closets

First things first.  School supplies and clothes can get expensive real fast.  To start, write down your budget for each child.  This will help you stay within your means.  I use a monthly budget planner in order to organize my month.  Something else you can do to get prepared is help your child go through their closet and make a pile of clothing that is too small. Go through last years backpack and take inventory of unused supplies or supplies that are still usable.  That way you know what your child will absolutely need to start off the school year.

Watch for Sales & Shop Clearance

You’re not required to go out and buy everything all at once.  Unless.. you are procrastinating.. but let’s spread this all out 🙂 It will help you stay within the budget you’ve set and you’ll have more time to compare prices and deals.  Check out the Target or Walmart clearance racks.  TJ Maxx and Ross have great finds as well!  You are most likely to find spring/summer clothing on the clearance rack and that is OK!  Summer weather lasts the first month or so of school.  You can also help your child get creative by layering these items throughout the winter! You all know I’m an Amazon lover.  So besides Priming items to your home here are a few other things you MUST try:

  • Download Target’s Cartwheel App- You will find discounts and savings from food, to clothing, and even school supplies!  I use this app every single time I shop at Target.  The savings really add up & you can use the app in conjunction with manufacturer coupons.  Cha-ching!


  • EBATES-  Online school shopping this year?  No problem!  This is a huge time saver and still allows you to save money.  Log into your Ebates app or access it from your browser, click on the store you want to shop and it will automatically track your purchase.  You then get rewarded with cash back savings you can redeem later for giftcards and more!  When I’m shopping online this is the very first thing I do.  Join here.  When you sign up and refer friends you will earn $25!


  • ThredUp-  The largest online consignment store and thrift shop.  You won’t find junk here!  Most of the items are name brand and discounted at an amazing rate!  I’ve bought Banana Republic tops for about $6.  ThredUp has a kids section with skirts, jeans, and tops ranging in price from $3-$8.  Steal!  Another benefit of ThredUp is they will pay you for your used clothes.  Must be in good condition.  They especially like it if the tags are still on.  I know I’ve bought things for my daughter and she’s grown out of the size before she can even wear it.  Once your child cleans out their closet, send those items over to ThredUp!  Join here & invite your friends!  You both will get $10.


Hungry for more Savings?  Try the Dollar Tree!

When we hear “the dollar store” we imagine cheap or poor quality.  At least I used to!  However, this isn’t always the case!  I’ve found Dollar Tree to sell items like Dawn dish soap and even Disney items!  These items are mostly from other stores being overstocked and needed to sell. I decided to set out to my own Dollar Tree to see what items they had for back to school.  This is what I found:  EVERYTHING!  There were more aisles filled with supplies, these were the only shots I could manage to get while shopping with my toddler 🙂

Dollar Tree has an amazing amount of high quality school supplies for $1.  I was able to score a 64 pack of crayons, notebook, and pencils for $1 each.  My preschool aged daughter doesn’t need much for back to school, but I was surprised to find that Dollar Tree also has supplies such as calculators, binders, dividers, scissors, glue, etc.. they had it all!  I learned you can also buy their items online!  This might come in handy if school starts soon- beat the line!  Or even if you have multiple children you need to buy for.  The only requirement is you have to buy a minimum of 4 units.  For example, you have to buy 4 packs of crayons in order to take advantage of online ordering.  Once you proceed to check out you are given the option of free in store pick up or UPS shipping for a fee.



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