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I absolutely LOVE Amazon Prime!  It all started a few years ago when my oldest dog Zuzu came down with an ear sensitivity.  I started searching the web for a solution that would help get rid of her itchy ear problem.  On the front page was an ad for a product through Amazon Prime.  I signed up for an account and opted into their 30 day FREE trial.  With Amazon Prime you are given free 2-day shipping within the contiguous United States.  I received my doggy’s ear solution via UPS two days later.  It saved me time going store to store to find the right product that I just didn’t have time for with my new work schedule.  Within those 30 days I found myself logging back into the website ordering things like cleaning supplies, batteries, and even cosmetics.  Now fast forward a couple of years I am still using Prime and with a family its more helpful than ever.


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Here are my 10 favorite ways to save time (and money) using Amazon prime

#1 Free 2-Day Shipping

As mentioned above, I am a huge fan of Amazon prime’s free 2-day shipping benefit.  It makes life easy.  I find myself online looking up product reviews for items I want to try, and then I go and look it up on Amazon and complete my order.  This benefit has been especially helpful when I realize I’m almost out of dog food or diapers.  Place an order and its on your door step two days later!


#2 Prime Now

Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime that offers a free 2 hour grocery delivery service (with orders $35 or more).  Score!  Who wants to work a full shift and then go to the grocery store?  Or have you ever been so completely swamped that you just do not want to deal with other people?  I know I have.  As of this moment, Prime Now is available in select cities.  There is even an option for one hour grocery delivery for a fee of $7.99.  Prime Now also includes some restaurants.

#3 Amazon Instant Video

Okay I absolutely love #3.  My family constantly uses this feature and it is amazing!  Instead of leaving your home to find a RedBox you can browse Amazon Instant Video for TV shows and movies.  A lot of the content is free, however there are some movies (especially newly released) for .99-$5.99.  My toddler was upset when Netflix took down Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.. luckily we found all of the seasons and more on Prime video!



#4 Subscribe & Save

With Subscribe & save Amazon gives you a discount on certain eligible purchases you make.  If these purchases are monthly recurring you can potentially save a TON of money!  Personally, I’ve done this with dog food and baby formula.  But if you’re buying things like diapers, cleaning supplies or other household items monthly, get on the subscribe and save ASAP!  You will save a certain percentage off these items each month that you’re currently buying at a regular grocery store.  Plus, it comes with prime’s free standard shipping.  Doesn’t get any better.




#5 Kindle

Amazon started out as a bookstore so we cannot forget Kindle!  You don’t even need an actual Kindle to access e-books anymore.  Go into your App store and download Kindle to your device and you are set!  Prime members can borrow one free Kindle book from the library per month.  Titles available in the library can vary month to month.  You can also purchase e-books and transfer them to different devices you have that are registered to the same Prime account.




#6 Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a feature I recently discovered and is amazing because it offers coupons and discounts that are family oriented.  This feature is included in your Prime account and can give you up to 20% off on things like baby food, diapers, even vitamins.


#7 Instant Price Alerts

This is especially helpful for when Prime Day comes a long (July 16th!).  Download the Amazon App.  In the top left menu tap “today’s deals” and then on the “upcoming” tab.  Browse their deals and when you find one you love tap “watch this deal” and you will be notified when it goes live.


#8 Coupons

Amazon will allow you to clip coupons for specific items so you can save even more.  These coupons can vary and may change day to day.  I’ve personally seen items such as whey protein, to toilet paper, to electronics.  So definitely keep an eye on this page.

#9 Wish Lists

Amazon gives you an option to either add an item to your cart, or add it to a list.  You can create lists for your kids or even yourself!  Sometimes I’ll add cute work out gear or books to mine, and when I’m having a rough day I’ll go treat myself 🙂 It’s also great for keeping a list for your kids christmas gifts.  Throughout the holidays I’ll add things, remove some that I changed my mind on, and then a few days later proceed to check out and get my free 2 day shipping.

#10 Amazon Warehouse Items

Sometimes you’ll order an item, say for example, a tablet.  When it arrives you decide you want a different version so you return it to Amazon.  Amazon then takes this item and places it in their warehouse and puts it back up for sale on their website.  Other people are then able to buy this item at an amazing discount.  They only list returned items that are in great condition when returned.  So you never have to worry about getting any broken or defective items.  Plus, that discount is awesome!




I hope this post was helpful for any busy moms out there!  The sticker price of Prime can seem intimidating but it is absolutely worth it and you’ll be happy you’re a prime member.





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