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Back to School Outfit Ideas

Affordable and Cute Back to School Ideas

School is quickly approaching!  For some, it may have already started.  Either way, I compiled some cute outfits for your little girls I found from Gymboree that won’t break the bank!  Some of these deals are time sensitive expiring September 1st, so get shopping!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link*

 Adorable dress & headbandLeggings, long sleeve shirt & top knot

Outfit #1 grand total: $19.47, reg. $39             Outfit #2 grand total: $28.20, reg. $47

I’m all about those top knot headbands this year!  I already ordered three of them for my daughter.  They quickly dress up an outfit and make it look effortless.  Wear it with hair either up or down, and you’ve got a really cute hairstyle.




Black boots are a staple your little one needs for fall and winter!  My daughter wore hers all fall and winter last year.  Brown boots are also cute and go with a lot of different outfits.


Outfit #3 total $34.50 regularly $57.50      Outfit #4 total $37.95, reg. $84.90

Outfit #5 total $22.96, reg. $57.90

Ok.. I might need that donut tee for myself!

What I really like about the selection is that each piece is so versatile and neutral.  You can really mix and match any of the outfits with other pieces of clothing your daughter has.  Neutral and versatile pieces of clothing are my favorite.  They go a long way and you can play around with so many different styles.  Looking for more back to school savings and tips?  Check out my recent post here, you won’t be sorry 🙂


Gymboree Sale On Now!

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Ultimate Back to School Guide

Back to School Guide

Welcome to your Ultimate Back to School Guide!   I know, right?!  Didn’t school just let out for summer?  It feels as if we are just starting to get into a nice summer routine here.  My daughter goes back to school at the end of August, so it is time to start preparing!  Let me know what your family does to get ready for back to school.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link*

Set a Budget & Clean Out Closets

First things first.  School supplies and clothes can get expensive real fast.  To start, write down your budget for each child.  This will help you stay within your means.  I use a monthly budget planner in order to organize my month.  Something else you can do to get prepared is help your child go through their closet and make a pile of clothing that is too small. Go through last years backpack and take inventory of unused supplies or supplies that are still usable.  That way you know what your child will absolutely need to start off the school year.

Watch for Sales & Shop Clearance

You’re not required to go out and buy everything all at once.  Unless.. you are procrastinating.. but let’s spread this all out 🙂 It will help you stay within the budget you’ve set and you’ll have more time to compare prices and deals.  Check out the Target or Walmart clearance racks.  TJ Maxx and Ross have great finds as well!  You are most likely to find spring/summer clothing on the clearance rack and that is OK!  Summer weather lasts the first month or so of school.  You can also help your child get creative by layering these items throughout the winter! You all know I’m an Amazon lover.  So besides Priming items to your home here are a few other things you MUST try:

  • Download Target’s Cartwheel App- You will find discounts and savings from food, to clothing, and even school supplies!  I use this app every single time I shop at Target.  The savings really add up & you can use the app in conjunction with manufacturer coupons.  Cha-ching!


  • EBATES-  Online school shopping this year?  No problem!  This is a huge time saver and still allows you to save money.  Log into your Ebates app or access it from your browser, click on the store you want to shop and it will automatically track your purchase.  You then get rewarded with cash back savings you can redeem later for giftcards and more!  When I’m shopping online this is the very first thing I do.  Join here.  When you sign up and refer friends you will earn $25!


  • ThredUp-  The largest online consignment store and thrift shop.  You won’t find junk here!  Most of the items are name brand and discounted at an amazing rate!  I’ve bought Banana Republic tops for about $6.  ThredUp has a kids section with skirts, jeans, and tops ranging in price from $3-$8.  Steal!  Another benefit of ThredUp is they will pay you for your used clothes.  Must be in good condition.  They especially like it if the tags are still on.  I know I’ve bought things for my daughter and she’s grown out of the size before she can even wear it.  Once your child cleans out their closet, send those items over to ThredUp!  Join here & invite your friends!  You both will get $10.


Hungry for more Savings?  Try the Dollar Tree!

When we hear “the dollar store” we imagine cheap or poor quality.  At least I used to!  However, this isn’t always the case!  I’ve found Dollar Tree to sell items like Dawn dish soap and even Disney items!  These items are mostly from other stores being overstocked and needed to sell. I decided to set out to my own Dollar Tree to see what items they had for back to school.  This is what I found:  EVERYTHING!  There were more aisles filled with supplies, these were the only shots I could manage to get while shopping with my toddler 🙂

Dollar Tree has an amazing amount of high quality school supplies for $1.  I was able to score a 64 pack of crayons, notebook, and pencils for $1 each.  My preschool aged daughter doesn’t need much for back to school, but I was surprised to find that Dollar Tree also has supplies such as calculators, binders, dividers, scissors, glue, etc.. they had it all!  I learned you can also buy their items online!  This might come in handy if school starts soon- beat the line!  Or even if you have multiple children you need to buy for.  The only requirement is you have to buy a minimum of 4 units.  For example, you have to buy 4 packs of crayons in order to take advantage of online ordering.  Once you proceed to check out you are given the option of free in store pick up or UPS shipping for a fee.



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5 Unusual Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loan

Creative Ways To Pay Off Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt, mortgage, credit card debt.. it all adds up!  In this day and age graduates all over the United States have some form of college debt.  With interest rates and minimum payments as high as they are, a lot of people get discouraged and feel beat down.  I decided to do some research to find unusual ways others have paid off their student loan debt.  Here are the top 5 ideas you won’t want to miss out on!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link*


#1 Givling App

Recently as I’ve searched the web I came across Givling, an app that will actually help you pay off debt!


How it works is you get paired with two other teammates and everyone answers trivia questions.  If you answer a question correctly your team earns points.  Everyone gets 2 free plays a day.  You can also purchase extra plays for as little as .22.  You also earn points by watching ads and inviting your friends to play trivia on the app!  So far Givling has paid off student loan debt for 20 people, up to $50,000 EACH.  What other apps do that?!

Givling is absolutely worth checking out.  And while you’re at it, here’s my invite code which will help you earn extra points: BT494972

And as always let me know how you like the app!

#2 Refinancing

SoFi has amazing rates and can save you thousands when you refinance your student loan.  There aren’t any catches, which means no hidden fees or surprises and they make it easy to apply.  Credit scores of 650 or higher can be approved for refinancing.  They offer low and fixed variable rates.  In the end, you could save some serious money with SoFi’s lower interest rates!

 #3 Get a Side Hustle

You can create a side hustle out of almost any hobby your have!  Dog walking, freelance writing, editing, etc.  Some great websites to check out for freelancing opportunities are Upwork and Fiverr.  Pick up extra hours at a temp job, babysit, pet sit, sell items on Etsy, etc.  Use your weekends to your advantage!


#4 ChangeEd

Another app for the win!  ChangeEd makes it easy for you to put aside extra money towards your debt.  First they analyze your spending.  If you go buy a cup of coffee for $2.45 and they send .55 to your FDIC Insured ChangeEd account.  Once that account reaches $100 they send it off to your lender as a loan payment.  This is a really great way to pay down your loan!



#5 Loan Forgiveness

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
    • This is available to government and non-profit employees with federal student loans.  Borrowers who are eligible may have their remaining student loan balance forgiven after making at least 120 on-time payments.  Eligible employers are any type of government organization, non profits, AmeriCorps or Peace Corps, other types of organizations that are not 501 tax exempt.  You must also be working full time with your eligible employer.  Interested in this program?  Reach out to your loan servicer to confirm you qualify.
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness
    • Teachers who are employed full time in lower-income public schools can be eligible for forgiveness after they work for five consecutive years.  To obtain this type of forgiveness you will need to make sure your school is eligible.  The amount you’ll be forgiven depends on the subjects and grade levels you teach.  Fill out Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application and submit it to your loan servicer at the end of your fifth consecutive teaching year.


My Money Saving Amazon Fav’s

Check out my top tips for saving the most money with Amazon!

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20% off Amazon Purchases Using American Express



Looking for some extra savings this Prime day?!  If you have an American Express credit card that earns Membership Rewards points, you may be eligible for a special offer.

Solicited card members received emails from Amazon with a link to redeem the offer.  If you were not one of those solicited there is still a way you can save.

The Details:

Amex cardholders with a membership rewards account can get 20% off a purchase (up to a maximum savings of $100) by linking their membership rewards account to Amazon and redeeming at least 1 point in the process.

Must have an MR earning American Express card and it must be linked to Amazon

Items must be sold and shipped by Amazon, third party site sales are not eligible

The trick is you need to enter “1” when its asking how many rewards points you’d like to redeem.  Once you’ve done this apply promo code AMEXSWP20PD.  You can keep redeeming until you’ve reached a maximum of $100 in discounts.  This is a limited time offer meaning Amazon can shut it down at any time!

Happy shopping!




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Amazon Prime Day Prep

How to be Prepared for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming this Monday, July 16th!  Here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared for all the amazing deals and get your best savings!


*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link*

#1 You Must Be A Prime Member

You need to be an Amazon Prime member.  This includes their free trial.  Go ahead and sign up to experience Prime day through the trial and if you love it, keep the membership. Check my last post to learn about all of the amazing features you get with Prime.


#2 Ebates

Ebates is an amazing service that helps you earn cash back on websites you shop on.  I’ve been using it for a couple years and it’s definitely worth it!  Head on over to to sign up for a free account.  On Prime day sign into your account and follow the link over to Amazon.  This will track your purchases so you earn your rewards!  Right now Amazon purchases can get up to 5% back.

#3 Download The App

I’ve found that the Amazon App is the best way to shop Prime deals.  There’s also an option to receive a notification once the deal goes live.  That way you’ll be able to quickly add the item into your cart and check out right away.  Remember Prime gives you free 2-day shipping, so if you are making multiple purchases you won’t have to pay multiple shipping fees.  PS– Prime deals are already available on the app for sneak peak, go check them out and mark your favorites!

#4 Install Amazon Assistant

Prefer to use your desktop to shop rather than your phone?  No problem!  Amazon has you covered here, too.  Amazon Assistant is available on select browsers to help you shop smarter and save more.  What this feature does is it compares items you’re viewing on other websites, to items on Amazon’s sites.  It also allows you to be notified when specific items you’re watching on Amazon go on sale.  Signing up saves you $5 off a $25 purchase.

#5 Research & Make Holiday Lists

Christmas in July?!  Prime day is a really great opportunity to get your holiday shopping out of the way.  Do your research, make lists for your loved ones, and set up your notifications!  You will probably be glad you did once December rolls around.. 🙂

What are your favorite ways to save money on Amazon?!  Leave a comment, I’d love to know 🙂


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How To Save Time Using Amazon Prime

Helpful Amazon Prime Tips

I absolutely LOVE Amazon Prime!  It all started a few years ago when my oldest dog Zuzu came down with an ear sensitivity.  I started searching the web for a solution that would help get rid of her itchy ear problem.  On the front page was an ad for a product through Amazon Prime.  I signed up for an account and opted into their 30 day FREE trial.  With Amazon Prime you are given free 2-day shipping within the contiguous United States.  I received my doggy’s ear solution via UPS two days later.  It saved me time going store to store to find the right product that I just didn’t have time for with my new work schedule.  Within those 30 days I found myself logging back into the website ordering things like cleaning supplies, batteries, and even cosmetics.  Now fast forward a couple of years I am still using Prime and with a family its more helpful than ever.


*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link*


Here are my 10 favorite ways to save time (and money) using Amazon prime

#1 Free 2-Day Shipping

As mentioned above, I am a huge fan of Amazon prime’s free 2-day shipping benefit.  It makes life easy.  I find myself online looking up product reviews for items I want to try, and then I go and look it up on Amazon and complete my order.  This benefit has been especially helpful when I realize I’m almost out of dog food or diapers.  Place an order and its on your door step two days later!


#2 Prime Now

Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime that offers a free 2 hour grocery delivery service (with orders $35 or more).  Score!  Who wants to work a full shift and then go to the grocery store?  Or have you ever been so completely swamped that you just do not want to deal with other people?  I know I have.  As of this moment, Prime Now is available in select cities.  There is even an option for one hour grocery delivery for a fee of $7.99.  Prime Now also includes some restaurants.

#3 Amazon Instant Video

Okay I absolutely love #3.  My family constantly uses this feature and it is amazing!  Instead of leaving your home to find a RedBox you can browse Amazon Instant Video for TV shows and movies.  A lot of the content is free, however there are some movies (especially newly released) for .99-$5.99.  My toddler was upset when Netflix took down Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.. luckily we found all of the seasons and more on Prime video!



#4 Subscribe & Save

With Subscribe & save Amazon gives you a discount on certain eligible purchases you make.  If these purchases are monthly recurring you can potentially save a TON of money!  Personally, I’ve done this with dog food and baby formula.  But if you’re buying things like diapers, cleaning supplies or other household items monthly, get on the subscribe and save ASAP!  You will save a certain percentage off these items each month that you’re currently buying at a regular grocery store.  Plus, it comes with prime’s free standard shipping.  Doesn’t get any better.




#5 Kindle

Amazon started out as a bookstore so we cannot forget Kindle!  You don’t even need an actual Kindle to access e-books anymore.  Go into your App store and download Kindle to your device and you are set!  Prime members can borrow one free Kindle book from the library per month.  Titles available in the library can vary month to month.  You can also purchase e-books and transfer them to different devices you have that are registered to the same Prime account.




#6 Amazon Family

Amazon Family is a feature I recently discovered and is amazing because it offers coupons and discounts that are family oriented.  This feature is included in your Prime account and can give you up to 20% off on things like baby food, diapers, even vitamins.


#7 Instant Price Alerts

This is especially helpful for when Prime Day comes a long (July 16th!).  Download the Amazon App.  In the top left menu tap “today’s deals” and then on the “upcoming” tab.  Browse their deals and when you find one you love tap “watch this deal” and you will be notified when it goes live.


#8 Coupons

Amazon will allow you to clip coupons for specific items so you can save even more.  These coupons can vary and may change day to day.  I’ve personally seen items such as whey protein, to toilet paper, to electronics.  So definitely keep an eye on this page.

#9 Wish Lists

Amazon gives you an option to either add an item to your cart, or add it to a list.  You can create lists for your kids or even yourself!  Sometimes I’ll add cute work out gear or books to mine, and when I’m having a rough day I’ll go treat myself 🙂 It’s also great for keeping a list for your kids christmas gifts.  Throughout the holidays I’ll add things, remove some that I changed my mind on, and then a few days later proceed to check out and get my free 2 day shipping.

#10 Amazon Warehouse Items

Sometimes you’ll order an item, say for example, a tablet.  When it arrives you decide you want a different version so you return it to Amazon.  Amazon then takes this item and places it in their warehouse and puts it back up for sale on their website.  Other people are then able to buy this item at an amazing discount.  They only list returned items that are in great condition when returned.  So you never have to worry about getting any broken or defective items.  Plus, that discount is awesome!




I hope this post was helpful for any busy moms out there!  The sticker price of Prime can seem intimidating but it is absolutely worth it and you’ll be happy you’re a prime member.





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Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age Day!

Valid Only On July 12, 2018!


****UPDATE**** Due to long lines and safety reasons, some stores have closed their lines.  If you signed up as a bonus customer you can log in to your account and print off a voucher to use another day 🙂  Build-A-Bear did not expect such large crowds but are doing their best to accommodate customers!


Check out Build-A-Bear on July 12th!  This is the very first time they’ve done a “pay your age day” which is an AMAZING savings!  Build-A-Bear is NOT cheap.. your typical basic bear can cost between $15-$20.  So on July 12th, run to your nearest store.  I plan to bring my 3 year old daughter so we can buy a bear for $3 🙂 Keep in mind this doesn’t include any accessories, just the plush itself.  Such a great deal!  We are going after Rainbow Dash first thing Thursday morning.  Let me know what plush your child picks!

To Participate:

  • Sign up as a bonus club member (This doesn’t cost you anything, only earns rewards for future purchases!  Children do not need to register- only the adult accompanying them to the store)
  • Head to your nearest store on July 12th, 2018

*One purchase per peson

*On July 12th- no one is older than 29 years old 🙂 which means if you’re 52 years old you can purchase a bear for $29, plus tax.  (some bears cost as much as $35)

Questions?  More details here



*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link*

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